Here are ten ways to spot a toxic workplace before you take the job:

1. If they are rude and dismissive with you during the hiring process, that's a bad sign.

2. If they demand your salary history or current salary details, they do not value talent as much as they think they do.

3. If they inform you of your scheduled interview time versus asking you what date and time would be convenient for you, you've been warned!

4. If the recruiting process is full of extra steps, tests for you to take, unexplained delays and terse, auto-response messages, it's not a good place to work.

5. If you meet your hiring manager and you don't like them, your gut is speaking. Pay attention!

6. If you're not allowed to meet with your prospective coworkers "because they're too busy," you know a lot about the culture (and it's not good).

7. If they ask you all kinds of questions but don't give you time to ask them questions, that's very bad.

8. If they won't tell you flat out what they're planning to pay you but rather, make you wait for the job offer, run away!

9. If they keep bringing you back for more and more interviews but never explain when their recruiting process will conclude, take off. They don't deserve you. They may be stringing you along just to steal your ideas.

10. If your trusty gut squeaks at you or won't let you fall asleep at night, then this is the wrong job for you. Always trust your gut. It knows what's best for you!